We offer Grants!

Ezethu Development Trust is a registered and SARS-approved Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), as defined in Sections 30 and 30B of the Income Tax Act.

The Trust was established in 2011 as a PBO to facilitate the development of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro for the benefit of the residents.

For taxation and other reasons, the Trust will only provide funds:

-To established PBOs that can fully comply with the Trust’s requirements

-For development projects within the Metro (operating expenses are generally not funded)

-For projects which will benefit residents of the Metro

Ezethu will engage, via the Application process, with PBOs whose activities have an altruistic or philanthropic intent, but the Trust also wishes to engage with PBOs that can introduce wide-ranging development projects which would have the potential of delivering widespread benefits to the Metropole.

In all instances, Ezethu will only consider projects which would be for the benefit of the residents at large of the Metropole. Applications for funding exceeding R500 000 will generally not be considered.

To date, funds to successful applicants can be categorized as follows: